Mega Super Feather Weight

I have a son who is only 2 months old, and over the last week or two, SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) and I noticed that he was getting very skinny. My wife went and seen the doctor, and he suggested to put him on to rice cereal (the baby cereal), and to give him watered down cows milk also, but that didn’t seem to help any. We were weighing him every couple of days at the chemist, on their baby scales, and he definitely wasn’t putting on any weight.

On Monday we took him to the hospital to see the Paedatrician, who got very upset when he was told that he was eating cereal and drinking cows milk. He weighed in at 250gms less than his birth weight on Monday, scary, you should have seen how skinny he looked, especially since he has grown like 6cm since birth also.

He is still in hospital now, and I have been told this afternoon that he will be in there till Monday. They are giving him a top up of Formula after every feeding, and my wife is taking some tablets (Motilium) for the next few weeks to help with milk production (supposedly). As of today he has gained 300gms, hopefully he will be up another 300gms by Monday, which will put him back well above his birth weight.

Fingers crossed. I may write a follow up next week, when things progress. We will see how we go.

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