PHP version of CoCR Calculator

I decided to port the CoCR Calculator over to PHP last month and also give it a more permanent home.  It can now be found at Sydney Loans in the menu bar.

Also, if anyone is interested in obtaining the script (now it is in a more popular format), I would be happy to send it on for a very small fee.

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I finally decided today to dig deeper into the disappearance of the website.

I tried emailing several different email addresses on the domain and received no response.  I then went searching for who the current CEO of socketmail was and my search turned up a guy by the name of Shivam Parikh, who apparently is also the owner of RDOSTI.COM

So after doing a whois lookup on RDOSTI.COM I found Shivam’s email address and sent him an email asking about, and this is what he replyed with

Socketmail closed down since the owners did not want to renew with our company.

So there you have it.  Not sure exactly what that means, but it sounds like socketmail is gone for good 🙁

What will become of all the socketmail related websites, like,, etc… which are now dominating the search engines for the keyword socketmail??

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Socketmail Website Looking Overly Dodgy, Recently

I have just been made aware that the thumbnail 2010-04-21website no longer exists.  When I checked myself just now, it definitely wasnt showing the site it should be.  The site that I was expecting to see is the one in the thumbnail dated 2010-04-21, which you should be able to see on the right.

Now, when I did a cached lookup on Google ( ), the below image is what I found.  Their site has been like this since atleast the 27 May 2010, but sometime after 21 April 2010 (based on the thumbnail that was taken on that date). website replaced with dodgy news feed

I am not sure what has happened, but it almost looks like Socketmail forgot to renew their domain, and someone else has picked it up when it dropped. But that doesnt explain why it looks so dodgy.

Else, they were hacked 4+ days ago and they still havent realised. Anyone know how to contact the guys at Socketmail? For their take on the events.

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Facebook not linking with Farmtown

Farmtown is not currently working on Facebook, in fact the bookmark has dissapeared from everybodies apps list.  And if you try to go directly to you get this page could not be found or expired error message.

They are expecting to have this problem sorted in about 1 hours time.

If you would like some info from the lead developer on what is going on go here

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uDig Training Days a Huge Success

Red River Solutions (Australia) has just successfully delivered 3 uDig training courses.  Each of these courses consisted of roughly 10 farmers, and were structured in such a way as to teach them how to use a mapping tool, but also allow them to get a good start on mapping their own properties.  By the end of the day each group had atleast half a dozen layers, such layers include satellite image, lands lots, boundary, paddocks, electricity lines, water pipes, dams, etc…

Also because uDig was open source software, we were able to give each farmer a CD with the uDig setup on it so they could install the software on there PC’s back at their farm.  At the end of the day we also gave them a copy of their workspace on thumbdrives to be copied to their own PC’s, so they could continue working from where they left off.

The actual teaching was done by a qualified educator, who works for Red River Solutions, and I guess you could say I was the teachers assistant.  With myself having been learning the ins and outs of uDig for the past 6 months, I had some helpful input when some of uDig’s little quirks arose throughout the days.

With this trial over I believe Red River Solutions is well positioned for training businesses and individuals around the Central West NSW and beyond in what I believe to be the best FREE solution available for mapping.

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Download Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2008 UK Free

If you are having troubles downloading Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2008 UK off the official websites than here is a download link for ya.

Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2008 UK

Also for any Australians out there Red River Solutions in Australia are just about to release an Aus Pack, which will effectively make the UK version useable in Australia.  If you would like to know more, you can ring Red River Solutions on 02 6366 8262

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Cirrus Communications is bad mmmkay

This is a warning to anyone thinking of using Cirrus Communications as an ISP.

I have contacted the support desk, and accounts, and Jodi Weal (apparently she is the Operations Manager) countless times since the 18/2/2008, about 2 issues I have. I have been told on every occasion that someone will call me back (and the last time, I gave them my work number also), and I still haven’t received one phone call.  I have rang on at least 3 occasions asking for a refund for the 12 months I have already paid up front, but they tell me that their policy doesn’t allow them to do that, without being first given the opportunity to correct the issue.  How much of an opportunity do they need, obviously 1 month is not long enough, especially since they can not seem to work out how to pick up the phone and make a call.

1st issue.  I paid 12 months up front for a 2048/512 (40GB downloads) connection at $1300 on the 18/2/2008.  I was previously on the 512/128 (unlimited).  My problem is, my internet connection is still running at the 512k speed.  And it is now almost a month later.

2nd issue.  My internet for the past 4 months has been stopping after 10 – 24 hours.  In which i have to reboot my router (from the web interface).  I have tried a different router with the same result, and also a direct PC connection with the same result.

Honestly I don’t know how these guys can deliver a service like this.  The customer support I have received over the past few weeks is just plain appalling.  I have sent them a couple of emails fairly similar to this, and letting them know that I am seriously considering reporting them to the Office of Fair Trading, and issuing warnings on the Whirlpool forums to anyone thinking of using Cirrus as an ISP.  And so it has begun, this is my first step, posting it here on my Blog.

They are charging me $130 per month for an internet service which I was previously paying $55 per month for, and also as a bonus I am getting twice daily drop outs, which remains not working until I physically reboot the router.  This is just not on.

So I ask that anyone who is willing, to help me boycott Cirrus until they realise that they cannot treat their customers this way.

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Cop Pro Wrestling

The other week when my son was in hospital, SHMBO and I, ducked home from the hospital to have a quick bite and pick up some things.  Anyway, on the return trip, as I was turning the corner coming out of my street, I noticed a car in the revision mirror going faster than myself around the same corner, thinking it was a young hoon, and not wanting to be hit up the rear, I accelerated while coming out of the corner.  Then to my surprise I notice in the revision mirror some flashing lights, apparently it wasn’t a hoon but in fact a police wagon.  As I pulled over I was thinking to myself, I wonder what is going on here, I hope they are not going to fine me for taking the last corner to fast or something.  A tall officer approached the car, and said I had been pulled over for a random breath test.  Since I am not a drinker, I naturally passed with flying colours, when he then asked for my license and went back to the police wagon, where he stood talking to someone else in the car for a good couple of minutes.  At this point I was thinking, once he has checked my license and presumably the license plate on my car he would return with my license, I could finally return to the hospital to be with my son.

This is where the story takes a bit of a turn for the unexpected.  Upon the officers return he proceeds to ask me to get out the car, and points to a patch of road and tells me to stand there, as he backs up onto the curbing.  So naturally I comply, and make my way to the spot designated, at which he then tells me to not stand on the road as he doesn’t want me to get hit by passing traffic.  So as I step forward I notice he also took a step back.  He then started asking questions like, ‘Have you ever been in trouble with the police before?’, ‘How long have you had this car for?’, ‘Is there anything you wish to tell us, before we go any further?’.  In which I replied, with roughly the following responses, ‘No’, ‘About 2.5 years’, and ‘Nuh, only that I am trying to get back to the hospital to be with my son’ respectively.  This is about when I notice his partner is standard up on the curb also, with a notepad.  He then responds with, ‘OK we will try to keep this quick’, and then asks if he can search the car.  Again, being a model citizen, I naturally agree, and then advise my wife to get out of the passenger seat while they do their search.  He opens the passenger door, and goes to reach in to start checking, and then turns around to ask if I have any needles in the car, to which I reply ‘Not that I know of’.  While this is going on I hear my wife’s mobile phone ringing, but by the time she grabs it the caller had stopped.

Another cop car turns up and an oldish male, and a young female officer hops out.  This older copper then asks me whether he can search my person.  I agree, empty my pocket contents and place my hands on the back of my vehicle as instructed.  The female cop starts pulling on what looked like some black leather gloves, and asked the same of my wife.  They then finish up the search of the car buy opening the boot, and finding a lot of nothing.  Bamboozled that they hadn’t found anything either in the car or on our persons, the 2 original cops continue to asks some more odd questions, like ‘When is the last time you have visited town x?’, ‘When did you purchase your car?’, and ‘Have you ever been arrested?’.  I replied with ‘Not in over 5 years, possibly more’, ‘Like I said before, about 2.5 years ago’, and ‘No’.  The oldish cop then as these original 2 if everything is under control, they nod, and thank them individually for their assistance using Sargent to address them both, then they leave.

The 2 original cops keeps us around for further 10 minutes, divulging a little bit of info on the situation, saying that they had been told over the police radio that someone with my name with my same car, had been up to mischief in recent months.  They ask myself and my wife for all of our particulars, like, our phone numbers, address, where we worked, etc… Then they ask whether I hang around anyone dodgy.  I stated that there is no way I would associate with anyone that would be considered of dodgy nature, to which they casually replied with ‘We would have expected you would’.  After this they finally allowed us to leave.

Now the funny bit is, the missed mobile phone caller, turned out to be my cousin who had been listening to the police scanner.  Apparently they were at home laughing there heads off, because of the long list of criminal activity that had been conveyed across the police radio.  Stuff like, wrestles with police, resists arrests, narcotics, stolen goods from town x in the last 2 months, etc…  When my cousin was telling me all this, everything was starting to make sense, why we had had to go through all that crap.  Now, to this day, my relo’s make jesting comments about me wrestling cops, mainly because they know how anti violent I am, and the cops thinking otherwise.

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Mega Super Feather Weight

I have a son who is only 2 months old, and over the last week or two, SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) and I noticed that he was getting very skinny. My wife went and seen the doctor, and he suggested to put him on to rice cereal (the baby cereal), and to give him watered down cows milk also, but that didn’t seem to help any. We were weighing him every couple of days at the chemist, on their baby scales, and he definitely wasn’t putting on any weight.

On Monday we took him to the hospital to see the Paedatrician, who got very upset when he was told that he was eating cereal and drinking cows milk. He weighed in at 250gms less than his birth weight on Monday, scary, you should have seen how skinny he looked, especially since he has grown like 6cm since birth also.

He is still in hospital now, and I have been told this afternoon that he will be in there till Monday. They are giving him a top up of Formula after every feeding, and my wife is taking some tablets (Motilium) for the next few weeks to help with milk production (supposedly). As of today he has gained 300gms, hopefully he will be up another 300gms by Monday, which will put him back well above his birth weight.

Fingers crossed. I may write a follow up next week, when things progress. We will see how we go.

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Cash on Cash Return Calculator

At the beginning of last month I started reading Steve McKnights book “From 0 to 130 Properties in 3. 5 Years” and got all wrapped up in the excitement of it all and starting buying more books and magazines about investing in property.  I joined,, and (and a host of others) to get ideas on how to find/create positive cashflow Investment Properties.

In Steve McKnight’s books he mentions the concept of looking at property as an investment and provides an easy to follow form for listing all expenses, income, and initial outlay, which can then be calculated to give you a yearly cashflow vs the initial outlay, otherwise know as the ‘Cash on Cash Return’.  This is a percentage figure, which gives you an idea of how well a property is as an investment.  So if the figure is calculated out at say 5%, then its not a real good investment, as putting that initial outlay into an internet savings/investment account would give you better yields (6%+).

Now the reason I have mentioned the above, and also for the title, is, early last month I quickly whipped up a webpage that has one of these Calculators on it.  The website is Sydney Loans, and simply click the link in the menu titled CoCR Calculator.

Please feel free to use it as you wish.

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