uDig Training Days a Huge Success

Red River Solutions (Australia) has just successfully delivered 3 uDig training courses.  Each of these courses consisted of roughly 10 farmers, and were structured in such a way as to teach them how to use a mapping tool, but also allow them to get a good start on mapping their own properties.  By the end of the day each group had atleast half a dozen layers, such layers include satellite image, lands lots, boundary, paddocks, electricity lines, water pipes, dams, etc…

Also because uDig was open source software, we were able to give each farmer a CD with the uDig setup on it so they could install the software on there PC’s back at their farm.  At the end of the day we also gave them a copy of their workspace on thumbdrives to be copied to their own PC’s, so they could continue working from where they left off.

The actual teaching was done by a qualified educator, who works for Red River Solutions, and I guess you could say I was the teachers assistant.  With myself having been learning the ins and outs of uDig for the past 6 months, I had some helpful input when some of uDig’s little quirks arose throughout the days.

With this trial over I believe Red River Solutions is well positioned for training businesses and individuals around the Central West NSW and beyond in what I believe to be the best FREE solution available for mapping.

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