Cash on Cash Return Calculator

At the beginning of last month I started reading Steve McKnights book “From 0 to 130 Properties in 3. 5 Years” and got all wrapped up in the excitement of it all and starting buying more books and magazines about investing in property.  I joined,, and (and a host of others) to get ideas on how to find/create positive cashflow Investment Properties.

In Steve McKnight’s books he mentions the concept of looking at property as an investment and provides an easy to follow form for listing all expenses, income, and initial outlay, which can then be calculated to give you a yearly cashflow vs the initial outlay, otherwise know as the ‘Cash on Cash Return’.  This is a percentage figure, which gives you an idea of how well a property is as an investment.  So if the figure is calculated out at say 5%, then its not a real good investment, as putting that initial outlay into an internet savings/investment account would give you better yields (6%+).

Now the reason I have mentioned the above, and also for the title, is, early last month I quickly whipped up a webpage that has one of these Calculators on it.  The website is Sydney Loans, and simply click the link in the menu titled CoCR Calculator.

Please feel free to use it as you wish.

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